Macmag 46 features contribution by /other

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Online talk marks closing of /other’s exhibition I can’t find the words...

The /other team hosted the closing event from the Many Studios exhibition space, and were in conversation with a panel to discuss language in relation to social spheres, self-expression and decolonisation. The panel consisted of Samar Ziadat (founder of Dardishi), Nasra Abdullahi (New Architecture Writers alumnus and member of Black Females in Architecture) and Ayesha Hussain (writer and social impact campaigner).


Opening of /other’s exhibition I can’t find the words...

An Architecture Fringe 2021 project at Many Studios. Read more


Launch of Parallel Practice, a collaboration with ism magazine for Architecture Fringe 2021

The project kicked off with an event organised by UVW-SAW titled UnLearning Overwork. Read more


Opening lecture of “Critical Catalyst”,
the 2021 Mackintosh Friday Lecture Series

The Mackintosh School of Architecture Friday Lecture Series of the season, titled “Critical Catalyst” in reference to pandemic-era civic engangement that rightly overlaps with contemporary architectural discourse, kicked off with Who Builds Your Architecture?. The series was led by /other’s Alyesha Choudhury, together with Moa Maurex. Subsequent lecturers were Asif Khan, Léopold Lambert of the Funambulist, Joar Nango, Marina Tabassum and Farshid Moussavi.