Parallel Practice (curatorial project)

Collaboration with ism magazine for Architecture Fringe 2021 Unlearning core programme
Graphical House, Glasgow, 05.06-18.06

Practise, Perform, Practice: An imaginary practice, set up performatively during Architecture Fringe by young practitioners and students, which unlearns the rules of architectural work culture through investigations and explorations into an (un)typical office week.

Parallel Practice (Un)Ltd is a fictional architectural office formed by /other and -ism architecture magazine in order to critique and comment on the unethical, discriminative and toxic work culture of architectural practice today.

The office launched with an event organised by UVW-SAW titled UnLearning Overwork that took place on June 5th at Graphical House, Glasgow.

With Parallel Practice (Un)Ltd, the practice members reimagine the typical work week in an architectural office. Models and drawings are approached performatively and satirically with the aim of interrogating and surfacing the link between larger issues in architecture that are seeded in the small and familiar moments of the office. This is achieved by artist residents who take on particular common and every-day architectural-office assignments, such as site analysis, ‘client’ presentations or designing, in this way producing unpredictable, creative and open responses to the normalised tasks we in architecture partake in, that need to be deconstructed, unlearned and built anew.

The physical practice is complemented by a series of online interviews.

For more information visit the Instagram of the imaginary office.

Artist residents

Adam Stent
Imogen Mann
Laura B. Stevenson
Matt Farr
Matthew Manao
Simone England

Images by
ism magazine

With thanks to
Graphical House