I don’t mind confronting my oppressors

Article and visuals for RIAS Quarterly issue 43, “Activism in Architecture,” autumn 2020, p.34-37

Scotland’s biggest architecture magazine gave out its most radical issue yet with “Activism in Architecture”, guest edited by Andy Summers and Scott McAulay. In the wake of a summer of protest, we wrote about colonialist statues and the movements intent on toppling them, both exposing the spatial and institutional manifestations of power that go way deeper than any number of bronze figures, and acknowledging the deep struggle against the status quo that has always existed beyond the sensationalist headlines.

The full issue can be found here.

Text by
/other team

Visuals by
/other team

With contributions from
Anjola Soji-Oyawoye
Ayesha Hussain
Elsie Owusu
Eseme Ayiwe
Ewan Brown
Imi Phillips
Khisha Clarke
Leonie Berlin
Luiza Queiroz Silva